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Storytelling is... (14 laws of storytelling)

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

  1. Storytelling is always about the journey, never about the destination

  2. Storytelling is about enbracing friction, not avoiding it

  3. Storytelling is about universal emotions, target groups simply don’t exist

  4. Storytelling is about building character, step by step, brick by brick

  5. Storytelling is about honesty and truth, not about sales and marketing

  6. Storytelling is about losing ego… and having fun doing it

  7. Storytelling is about maintaining values without compromise

  8. Storytelling is always about empathy but not always about sympathy

  9. Storytelling is about the bigger picture, told in the smallest personal manner

  10. Storytelling is about creating worlds of emotions, including the negative ones

  11. Storytelling is for the receiver of your message, not for you as the sender

  12. Storytelling is about creating a paradox between function and emotion

  13. Storytelling is about having the balls to tell the whole story, never to shy away

  14. Storytelling is for everyone, because everyone has a story to tell

(Check out these quick lessons on friction, vulnerability, audience, emotions and the journey and why everyone has a story to tell)

Rogier van Kralingen

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